CNC Small Hole EDM Services

AcuCut offers unique, CNC small hole EDM drilling services of blind and through holes in a wide variety of electrically conductive materials. Our purpose-built CNC-operated EDM small hole drilling machines can produce hole diameters as small as .012″ to .250″ with an accuracy of .001″ and fast burn times. High precision micro hole sizes, excellent hole edge quality, superior surface finish, improved overall part accuracy and excellent hole consistency is achieved through the use of cutting-edge EDM generator technologies. Our integrated CNC rotary index tables with tool changers, allow for quick cycle times. Our advanced materials also reduce the electrode wear encountered during the spark machining process. The lower the wear of the electrode, the more holes each electrode can machine before it needs to be replaced.

Need an EDM or Laser Cutting Solution? Let Acucut Handle It.