At Acucut, we offer a wide range of services for prototypes to high-volume production runs. Our capabilities include:

Wire EDM

(22) Wire EDM Machines with cutting area up to 31.5″ x 47.25″ x 18″

Latest machine technology with auto wire threading and submerged cutting

Experience working with exotic metals, such as Hastelloy, Waspaloy, Ferro-tic and Titanium

Ability to modify our machines to meet oversize requirements

CNC Sinker EDM

(15) CNC Sinker EDM Machines

Cutting Edge Technology with multi-tool changing capability

Low micro-inch surface finishes available

CNC Small Hole EDM

(8) Small Hole EDM Machines

CNC controlled equipment with the latest technology

Integrated CNC rotary index tables with tool changers, for quick cycle times

Hole diameters from .012″ to .250″

Accuracy to .001″

Fast burn times

Laser Cutting

5 ft. by 10 ft. Cutting Capabilities

Steel Thickness to 3/4″

Stainless Steel to 3/8″

Aluminum Thickness to 1/4″

Copper & Bronze Thickness to 3/32″

5 Axis Capabilities with dual rotary tables

Air Flow Testing

Flow Systems Flow Bench

Utilizing Sonic Nozzles

Complies to NIST standards

Laser Drilling

High depth to hole size ratios

Able to drill coated, non-conductive parts that cannot be EDM’d

Latest fiber technology with dual rotary tables

Holes as small as .013″

Able to drill holes on the fly or trepan holes for greater accuracy

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